Leadbolt launches new Android SDK with high eCPM Google-compliant alternatives to Notification Ads

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Some news from our friends over at Leadbolt.  Google recently made changes to their developer policies which banned apps from using notification ads and so-called app icon ads (that installed themselves on the device).  These ad formats had become highly popular due to the strong click throughs (CTRS) they delivered for advertisers and the resulting high eCPMs and revenues for publishers.  A number of Android-focused mobile ad networks did pretty well off the back of the notification ad boom and to a great extent it was this sort of flexibility in terms of monetization that encouraged developers to build for the platform.  However, it was perhaps only a matter of time until Google cracked down as with any ad format, there was potential for abuse by the less scrupulous networks out there.
For the mobile ad networks that didn’t rely on a couple of formats this is good news as it will clear up the market and make true innovation pay off.  Leadbolt’s new Android SDK includes a range of alternative ad formats that can deliver the same high eCPMs and revenues for developers but still comply with Google policies.  Something Leadbolt has always been in the forefront of is ad format innovation and this is now paying off as it means that they have plenty to offer developers and advertisers even after the recent Google changes.  These include Audio Ads, Insterstitials, Video and Rich Media, Overlays, Offer Walls and so on.  You can see from the graphic below that the days of mobile ads being just about simple banners are long gone but there’s way more than just notification or app icon ads driving this …

Mobile ad Format Innovation

leadbolt ad formats

Floating Ads

The new format Leadbolt is offering in the new SDK is ‘Floating Ads’ which is a 120 by 120 icon that appears as an overlay on the screen.  This is likely to deliver the same great performance and click throughs as notification ads and similar resulting high eCPMs for developers.

New Ad Sizes

Another route that Leadbolt is exploring is new large sized ad formats.  With the success of interstitials this is the next obvious move for the mobile ad industry in order to achieve the impact required on mobile screens and with larger devices ranging from tablets to smartphones with bigger screens emerging this is something required to keep up with device innovation.  Leadbolt are offering 1024 by 768 units (designed for larger devices) and full screen 480 by 320 units.
Leadbolt floating ads
The new Google-Play-Compliant Android V6 SDK offers a number of other enhancements as well as the new ad formats including:

  • Re-engagement / Retargeting tools – ways to drive app engagement and repeat usage via messages delivered in a localised way across multiple langagues
  • Auto-scaling of ads to support a range of resolutions and optimize ad impact for users
  • Smooth Ad display animation – enhancements to transitions to improve slide-in of the ads and achieve better integration with the existing app user experience
  • Improved ad serving – a range of other improvements to deliver the right ads at the right time to ensure the highest eCPMs possible for a given impression

The full range of updates is summarised in the exhibit below:

New Leadbolt Android SDK Updates

SDK updates
With some estimates putting the market value of notification ads at $150m that means there’s a big task for developers and mobile ad networks to find new ways to capture that spending.  At the same time, that money from advertisers is still going to be available for the right formats.
dale carr
Dale Carr, CEO of Leadbolt says of the new SDK:

“Our latest SDK demonstrates LeadBolt’s commitment to continue to innovate in areas that increase return and value for our publisher clients,” said Dale Carr, founder and CEO of LeadBolt. “Mobile app developers face many marketing challenges and our goal is and has always been to provide the tools that enable the developer community to succeed in the free app economy.”

As always it’s the advertisers and developers that take advantage of these new innovations early that reap the rewards so it’s well worth checking out some of these new options from Leadbolt.
Developers can download the new SDK over at the Leadbolt site and new advertisers can also benefit from our special 20% bonus when trying them out for conversions.  

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