Beyond The Banner – Mobile Ad Format Innovation from Leadbolt

Mobile advertising has moved well beyond the simple banners of a few years ago.  A number of fast growing mobile ad platforms have been rapidly innovating and evolving mobile advertising formats that are truly ‘native’ to mobile.  Leadbolt is one of the companies that is doing that very effectively.  New mobile ad formats are designed to fit in better with user behaviour and provide better opportunities for developers to monetise and for advertisers to generate conversions and engagement.
Aiming to customise mobile ads to match customer lifecycles, including how long users have been using an app, the formats have drawn quite a bit of praise from developers and the press alike. TechCrunch featured a piece on the Leadbolt recently and had this to say:

“There are other companies experimenting with different ad formats, but with Leadbolt, it’s not about any one type of ad. Instead, the company delivers a mix of ads that are specifically targeted based on how long someone has been using the app.”

With ten options to choose from, LeadBolt’s new ad formats offer plenty of freedom and creativity for ad placement. We have secured a great deal from Leadbolt if you want to give some new mobile advertising formats a try $100 free credit when you sign up using the voucher code MOBYAFF

App Wall
The App Wall is one of LeadBolt’s showcase ad formats, incorporating an innovative method of monetization that engages with app users on a less-intrusive level. App walls display top rated apps (on both iOS and Android devices) for users to explore and choose whatever they like, free of incentivization. App walls are simple to use since they don’t require complex SDK integration, and developers can choose a variety of ways to display in-app advertising including hyperlinks on homescreens, app per day alerts and app choices in navigation bars.

Interstitial Ads
LeadBolt’s Interstitial Ads are designed to break the cycle of ‘banner blindness’ by appearing only at certain points of gameplay, when a user is truly engaged in an app. For developers this means that app users have the choice to interact with the ad, minimizing the frustration that other interstitials can create, and increases monetization opportunities by bringing more installs to an app. Offered in a range of sizes, including full-screen and as a prestitial ad, LeadBolt’s interstitials can be an effective way to monetize a variety of different apps.

In App Alerts
Another in-app advertising solution that aims to capture users’ attention during gameplay, LeadBolt’s In App Alerts follows a simple but effective direct response format. Offering users a ‘yes/no’ choice, in app alerts become part of app interaction to maximise customer engagement and app installs. Effective when used at the end and start of app usage, LeadBolt claims that extensive testing of this method shows that users are more inclined to choose ‘yes’ at a higher rate, thereby increase monetization via maximized click-through rates.

Advanced Overlay
The Advanced Overlay format offered by LeadBolt is an interstitial ad that aims to offer users opportunities to download new apps and offers. Sticking with the company’s unwritten principals of maximum user engagement, advanced overlay ads are targeted to ensure that users can respond to a choice of relevant offers. Displaying text and video ads, the advanced overlay solution encourages a better response from users and ensures higher revenue for app developers.

App Icons
App Icons are a nifty solution of LeadBolt’s, which appear on users’ Android devices when they purchase or download apps. By being placed at the homescreen of a device, these icons enable users to experience ad-free offers and app recommendations direct from their handsets. With possible revenue streams from app installs (when a user downloads an app), app icons enable developers to earn money from active and inactive users and ensures that apps remain ad-free and enjoyable.

Capture Forms
LeadBolt’s Capture Forms offer a more engaging take on this traditional ‘fill-in-the-blank’ style advertising, which is cost-effective (pay per sign up) and provides more realistic monetization opportunities. Data capture forms appear during app usage, meaning that users don’t need to leave an app in order to sign up for products and offers, which is both engaging and increases the chances of sign-ups.

An innovative text-based method of app advertising, LeadBolt’s Notifications can be placed in the notification bar of smart phones so users can access webpages linked to ads and offers. Less invasive than video ads, notifications are designed to improve user experience by ensuring they choose when they want to access an ad or offer, as well as increasing monetization and ad revenue.

Audio Ads
Incorporating the same innovative ad technology as its more ‘flashy’ ad formats, LeadBolt’s Audio Ads aim to be simple to install and effective to use. By capturing users’ attention with voice and audio, maximum engagement is ensured as well as increased ad interaction thanks to its direct method of delivery.
Video Ad
LeadBolt’s Video Ad formats offer pretty straightforward in-app advertising. Like most video ads available, these ones will automatically play when a user is in the middle of playing or using an app.
Banner Ad
Classic Banner Ads offered by LeadBolt are available in SDK and non-SDK integration, and thanks to the variety of size are suitable for a wide range of apps.
There are no YouTube clips available for these last three formats yet, but you can watch videos for LeadBolt’s Audio ads by paying a visit to the LeadBolt site.
With these ad formats LeadBolt are leading a new and different way to advertise on mobile devices, which goes beyond the reach of standard banner and text adverts and is definitely worth experimenting with by developers and advertisers alike.
Don’t forget that you can claim up to $100 free credit for any of the ad formats mentioned in this article by visiting the LeadBolt site and using voucher code MOBYAFF.

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