KissMyAds uses Billoid to deliver faster payout times for mobile advertiers

Andy Boxall

In Mobile Advertising. March 19, 2015

Mobile performance marketing network KissMyAds has improved its billing and invoice process by using a combination of Tune’s HasOffers platform and the recently launched Billoid tool, built to complement HasOffers. KissMyAds says it has seen a time saving of 87.5% since adopting its new system, and improved the time it takes to pay advertisers by 15%.
Streamlining the billing process has become more important to KissMyAds after the company saw rapid growth, and states that dealing with local and regional tax laws was taking up too much time for staff. The solution was to integrate Billoid, designed by mobile IT specialists Zendri, with Tune’s HasOffers marketing platform.
Florian Lehwald, KissMyAds founder and president, said:

“We have found that Billoid is very easy to customize and saves a great deal of time. While HasOffers is a very reliable tracking platform for our business, Billoid provides KissMyAds with an excellent complement by taking care of billing.”

Billoid has been designed from the ground up to work with the HasOffers platform, allowing users to quickly generate invoices that comply with local tax laws, and adapt each one to individual advertisers and affiliates needs.
Cameron Stewart, HasOffers general manager, added:

“We’ve been impressed with the Billoid solution and its ability to meet some of the niche needs of our clients. The robust capabilities of Billoid help save our clients time and hassle. It’s the perfect counterpart to the HasOffers platform, offering our clients increased efficiency in the invoicing and crediting process, as well as tax documentation management.”

KissMyAds provides developers and publishers with a platform to simply monetise mobile web traffic, and was part of the Billoid beta program. It has worked with HasOffers since 2011, and renewed its partnership with the company in late 2014. You can learn more about KissMyAds by visiting its company profile here.