Kimia’s Mobile World Tour … continued!

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Partner Post - Kimia Mobile Performance Marketing

Posted: August 19, 2016

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Kimia´s mobile world tour has taken us on quite a ride these past two months. We have visited events and partners in various cities in Malaysia, Poland, Germany, India, USA, China, Indonesia and Hong Kong …
Events the Kimia’s team will attend soon

As you can see, at any point in time, you are likely to have a “Kimian” geographically close to you. We are an international mobile internet company, working mainly online, however, we value meeting our partners and affiliates face-to-face to talk about our latest mobile marketing strategies; such as our weekly payments, our exclusive offers, our formats strategies, our multilayer platform that allows carrier and device targeting on various levels, etc.
If you are anywhere near the following event cities, do let us know, we will be more than happy to arrange a meeting outside the actual event:

To get in touch with the Kimia’s team visit their website or email at

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