Key Mobile Marketing Trends for Q1, 2018

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Posted: January 16, 2018

With around 57% of all internet searches now done on mobile, it’s clear why mobile app marketing is more important than ever before. Mobile app marketing focuses on placing an app in front of potential users to drive higher install rates and encourage engagement.

However, cutting back on spending as soon as the new year hits in the business realm is all too common, and mobile app marketing is no different. Many don’t realize that Q1 is the most cost-effective time to gain a bigger market share in the mobile ecosystem.

This rapid overall decrease in spending lowers demand for users, causing an influx of inventory which drives down the cost per user acquisition. Paid marketing and promotional costs are also down, so ads have a higher chance of gaining visibility at a lower cost. So, while advertisers are readjusting and cutting back on their marketing dollar, anyone looking to win over the mobile app consumer audience is in luck.

There has never been a better time to consider an increased budget at the start of the new year instead of following typical Q1 trends. The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia reports that Q1 2017 saw nearly a 30% increase in mobile advertising budgets and project it to continue in 2018. So, where should marketers put their marketing dollars during Q1? Mobile marketing trends for 2018 like playable ads, live streaming, value added content marketing, and remarketing are a great place to start.
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App Marketing Companies

See all mobile app marketing companies to find the best fit for your business.

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Playable Ads

Since an app’s ads will be seen by more potential users at a lower overall cost, it’s a great time to experiment with new advertising tactics that might have seemed too risky during the high-cost season. Trying out dynamically different A/B testing could lead to uncovering a new strategy that may have never been considered, one that can be applied all year round.

Consider testing playable ads with your audience. Playable ads are a hot new trend that everyone is about to see take over the mobile ad space. These allow mobile users to fall in love with an app through an interactive ad experience. With an overwhelming 71 percent of advertisers reporting playable ads as an effective advertising tactic, it’s worth testing out this alternative ad strategy during Q1.

Live Streaming

While you should be utilizing as many paid channels for mobile app marketing as you can, this isn’t limited to just ads. The first few months of the year tend to have less overall activity on social media, both in the paid space and organic growth. Pairing a social media campaign alongside a paid one could help increase growth not only for Q1 but throughout the year.

In this regard, many are taking advantage of social media live streaming services such as Periscope and Facebook Live to post informational videos as a way to provide help and content to potential users at a low cost. Promoting user generated content will not only enhance the user’s experience, but also provides a more personal experience with a large target group.

Value-Added Content Marketing

Curating unique content for your users is key to user retention. Provide helpful tips, tricks, ideas or tools within the app that they can’t find anywhere else. One way to do this is to utilize in-app messages and push notifications to increase user interaction and gain loyalty. However, be sure to also make this information available online to target potential users.


2018 is the perfect time to make amends from 2017. However, you don’t have to focus all of your marketing efforts on entirely new users. Experiment with popular marketing trends for Q1 to try to retarget users who may have initially shown interest in your app in 2017, but didn’t convert.


While pushing the marketing budget in Q1 might seem risky, the low cost makes it a risk worth taking. During this quarter, take advantage of low costs associated with mobile app marketing combined with 2018 advertising trends for a killer new marketing strategy. However, ensure than an app has a strong App Store Optimization strategy (we explain what is ASO here) and reassess it at least quarterly to make marketing efforts worthwhile as it is key to conversion, both paid and organic. Contrary to conventional marketing practices, cutting costs in Q1 might just be the one trend to avoid.