Juice Mobile integrates its mobile ad inventory into Mediaocean’s marketing platform

Andy Boxall | February 11, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Juice Mobile and Mediaocean have announced a partnership that will see Juice’s ad inventory integrated into Mediaocean’s marketing platform. Juice Mobile’s programmatic direct ad platform, called Nectar, is now part of Mediaocean’s marketing software platform known as Prisma, giving advertisers access to guaranteed mobile ad inventory from Juice’s list of premium clients.
On its own, Prisma provides a complete, one-stop management system for marketing campaigns, right from the planning stage to measuring effectiveness once it’s up and running. Nectar’s integration makes sense. Digital media buys can be performed in five easy steps inside a single platform, so advertisers have complete control, and can measure ad campaign performance from one place.
Neil Sweeney, CEO of Juice Mobile, said:

“This partnership represents a key milestone in the shift toward the next generation of media buying – one which provides transparency and the tools to address issues of visibility and fraud. Our partnership with Mediaocean empowers brands and agencies to address major inefficiencies in the mobile ad tech ecosystems with Nectar.”

Manu Warikoo, SVP of product and platforms at Mediaocean, added:

“Our partnership with Juice Mobile provides our current users access to premium inventory across all mobile formats in a way that is efficient, brand-safe, and transparent. Prisma’s open architecture provides a platform for planning and executing every type of digital media buy, including third party buying processes such as Juice Mobile’s Nectar, to create greater opportunity for our clients.”

The Nectar platform is available for Mediaocean Prisma users right now. To learn more about Juice Mobile, visit its company profile here.

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