Interview with Dmitry Atamanyuk, CEO of GDM Group, on the Key Trends in Mobile Advertising

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Posted: August 30, 2016

Dmitry Atamanyuk is the CEO of GDM Group, a digital performance marketing companyDmitry has spent more than 8 years in leading positions at fast-growing Internet and Digital marketing companies across Europe and USA. Currently, he’s concentrating his efforts on building long-lasting relationships with businesses, providing them value in the Global Digital Marketing Industry.
1. What are the big trends that you see in the mobile performance advertising space right now?
Despite the prevalence of mobile users, most purchases still occur on desktop. That is why many companies practice cross-device advertising. Programmatic buying and real-time bidding (RTB) continue to dominate, as well as mobile advertising supply platforms, which allow ads to be controlled by the advertiser.
Personalization is a big trend today. Anything from user location to demographical data (collected by Internet and telecom providers) can be used to the publisher’s benefit to target buying personas. Location data is not only used for engagement, but also for re-engagement of users, and in this sense, historical data comes into play.
There is a need for more creative and more subtle approaches in advertising. Ads are becoming interactive, entertaining and engaging. Companies turn to social and messaging apps. Video is another big thing. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, 360º photos and 360º video are coming into play as well. Next year, we might see more of these.
2. ClickDealer and MobAir have become a part of Global Digital Marketing Group – what’s the new identity all about?
The growth of our team and the services we provide reached the point where we can present it more comprehensively as a full-scale solution, so we took this step. In July 2016, Global Digital Marketing Group (GDM Group) was formed when ClickDealer and MobAir joined together. Both ClickDealer and MobAir remain independent within GDM Group and operate as usual, while continuing to grow inside the larger structure alongside the just-launched GDM Group Video division.
The new identity is about GDM Group’s mission – to unify advertising efforts worldwide in their most efficient form through a diverse network of trusted partners and by leveraging new developments in the industry.
The combined capabilities of companies under the GDM Group umbrella create a full-cycle solution that spans the entire digital marketing ecosystem. It allows promotion of all online products and monetization of any traffic channels, with optimization systems in place to ensure cost-efficiency, and constant monitoring to guarantee brand safety. All online advertising services are within reach with GDM Group.
3. What sort of services are you going to be offering under the new brand?
GDM Group develops digital marketing solutions to stimulate business growth and drive revenues. We help our partners execute effective marketing solutions and connect brands with their customers. Оur family of solutions delivers a comprehensive set of marketing services, including performance, mobile, video and media buying. GDM Group’s offerings include a mobile monetization and user acquisition platform, performance marketing, media buying and video advertising.
GDM Group Video is our latest division. It is a cross-device solution focused on placing video ads on relevant high-volume portals in order to maximize profitability and customer lifetime value. This ad format is currently the most user-friendly and effective way to build brand image and engage users, providing the most creative freedom to convey the company’s message to the customer. GDM Group Video provides services for advertisers who want to engage worldwide audiences in a brand-safe environment, and publishers who need a reliable and flexible way to monetize their inventory on a CPM basis.
4. What are the key benefits for the clients from this change?
Uniting ClickDealer and MobAir as GDM Group provides our clients with new, more precise targeting capabilities, access to new traffic channels, better campaign optimization, therefore more cost-efficient media buys.
The idea of providing full service solutions came simply with a capability to do so. It is a convenient model for clients, and combining all the assets from our projects brings a lot of benefits to the quality of our services. As a result, we will be able to provide our customers with targeted, smart and sophisticated user acquisition, and bring the highest quality customers for our advertisers’ products.
5. ClickDealer won the Publishers’ Choice of Network or Platform nomination at the European Performance Marketing Awards in June 2016. What was ClickDealer recognized for?
Every year ClickDealer is developing. Our focal points have always been ideas and technology. Every year we prove it to our clients by offering new performance-driven solutions. The world’s largest brands including Amazon, Alibaba group,, Machine Zone, Wechat and Link rely on GDM Group’s global footprint and dedicated teams to expand their business and accelerate their growth. That’s why publishers all over the world have shown their support and appreciation tor ClickDealer and granted us the honor of winning the most competitive nomination of this event.
6. What types of clients are you looking to work with? And which geographies will you be focusing on?
Our services cover small starting brands as well as global corporations, helping businesses reach their goals in a brand-safe environment with minimal expense. GDM Group will help advertisers connect billions of quality mobile and web users with our multi-function quality services.
There are two main groups of GDM Group clients:

  1. Publishers, media buyers and agencies, app developers
  2. Advertisers (owners of products, applications or services, brands)

Clients wishing to monetize their traffic fall under the first category, and clients looking to buy traffic and promote their brand belong to the second category. API monetization is also available for app owners looking to turn more revenue from their internal traffic.
When it comes to geographical focus, we stand by globalization, and the main interest right now is scale. GDM Group’s offices are located in Shanghai, Amsterdam, Tel-Aviv, Berlin, Toronto, Kiev and Menlo Park. We currently have over 100 employees based across our offices and we expect to grow our staff in the coming months.
7. Is GDM Group looking at any potential acquisitions in the nearest time?
GDM Group is always looking for new opportunities in the market and is open for mergers and acquisitions improving the services we offer. We are looking for mobile app monetization solutions and any other traffic sources. We are moving towards the unification of advertising efforts worldwide in their most efficient form through a diverse network of trusted partners and by leveraging new developments in the industry. We will grow an extensive network of data partners to support this mission. In the immediate future, we will be focused on expanding our video, native and eCommerce services.
You can find out more about GDM Group over at their site here.

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