Intellifluence spring 2022 updates: 4 billion audience reach

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Posted: April 26, 2022

The past several months have been busy ones for Intellifluence, even with incredibly beautiful weather. In Scottsdale, Arizona it was the tourist season with no shortage of car shows, golf tournaments, Western-themed events, and (most recently) bike week. We’ll be consistently above 100F soon in temperatures, but don’t worry about us because we’ll have the air conditioning cranked up and music blasting as we keep building the features you want in an influencer network. So what happened over the past four months?

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4 billion aggregate audience reach. Periodically we look into the breadth of reach across social networks to get an understanding of just how many people can be reached across the whole of Intellifluence’s active influencer base. We’re exceptionally proud of this figure because we’re not only the biggest warm contact network in terms of signed up influencers but 4 billion also makes us the largest warm contact network by audience reach as well. Thank you to each of the 186,000+ influencers for trusting us.

186,000 active influencers. How many influencers do we want? As I tell Tom: MOAR. This number takes into account influencers being added as well as influencers being removed — it’s a sad thing of course, but as we continue reigning as the largest warm contact influencer network we’re a target for scammers and therefore have devoted significant resources towards identifying and removing such individuals to protect our brands and keeping the reputation of our real influencers high.

22,000 active brands. Almost 23,000 but not quite. We rapidly have been growing usage on our FREE plan, so this isn’t surprising. With a lot of the feedback we’ve been receiving from these newer brands we’ve already been able to make some good changes.

Like in previous updates, I can’t share everything we’ve done because they involve some proprietary security and fraud controls as well as countless bug fixes that most likely won’t notice, scheduled updates, etc. Ignoring those, let’s dive into the most recent ~200 pull requests closed to see what now exists this Spring for our brands and influencers.

Intellifluence product feature updates

Post engagement reporting. This is a biggie in terms of frequency of feature requests. The way it works is we’re now grabbing a snapshot of the engagement metrics associated with review URLs posted by an influencer on campaigns involving TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Brands can find this new report under Reports -> Transaction Engagement.

Free brand filtering and views. We hear you, we hear you. I won’t count the support tickets, but there was enough noise to burst a few ear drums on our influencer offers FREE brand launch. On launch we didn’t make it nearly as easy to run advanced filters in the side bar nor did we have the jumping off filters at the top of the influencer offers section to make it particularly easy to find an influencer worth interacting with. We also expanded what FREE brands are able to access in terms of influencer information, making the account plan more useful. We really hope you like the changes if you’re on this plan.

Allow managed brands to offer commissions. We’re testing this process out, which at the moment is only available for the Advanced plan. Like a lot of our development, this grew out of a need from one of the brands using our managed service offering wherein a brand wanted to offer cash as well as commissions to select influencers.

Mobile app updates. It’s a bit of a catch all, but we’ve bulk added a lot of the feature set added from the last four months into updates that went live on the app stores early April. If you aren’t on at least iOS version 1.2.6 or Android 1.2.5, you’ll want to upgrade to make use of the updates.

Sharing offers. We didn’t initially make sharing a newly created offer intuitive and simple as it could be, so this is a simple UX improvement.

Tool tips. So many tool tips added. A lot of this had to do with FREE brands that don’t get the same onboarding experience as the paid campaign plans do, but while we were making changes we tightened up the experience.

Payment displays. More complexity in usage means more complexity was required on how we display when certain transactions are eligible to be paid out, which now takes into consideration various account and flagging statuses.

Brand view of influencer info. We overhauled what shows on an influencer profile for brands so they can more quickly get to the information they need, without waiting for long database queries to run.

Power user brands archival process. Heavy usage brands tend to get a LOT of applications, so sometimes issues only become apparent in the face of having a lot of data. In this particular case it became necessary to allow for the archival of expired applications to clean them up out of the default brand view.

Message speed. Did you notice it? They’re faster! I can probably post something like this every quarter because we’re always trying to make the experience as fast as we can for you.

Due dates get better logic. Some campaigns are designed with an immediate need, some deadlines are very fixed, and some processes need to be looser. We added logic across the app types to account for this.

Proof of purchase. Technically this could be rolled into the overall fraud controls but it has a place beyond that to help compress overall transaction time by injecting a proof of purchase into the flow when such a requirement makes a sense in the context of the campaign setup.

Reminders. In Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom used a remembrall to remind him to do something. It’s like that, but more effective because our reminders have notes associated with them to provide better context than a glowing orb.

Balance filters. Some brands that run a lot of campaigns with us that have discrete balances and simply needed an easier way of being able to filter for quick glance of which balances were low by campaign.

Exclusion filters. Want to target a region, minus a country? Want to target certain specialties but exclude anyone that has some other specialty listed? Done.

Purchase status filters. Yes, more filters. In this case power user brands found it helpful to be able to filter filters in campaigns by purchase status.

Recently active filters. Some brands with immediate needs want to save time and only pitch influencers that have been recently active. Now they can — as an influencer, this should be a good reminder on the importance of logging in periodically to look for new offers and interact. Active users get the best pitches.

Download account balance. This is another power user brand feature for those with a high number of transactions that require accounting reconciliation; such brands can now download details associated with their account balance.

What is Intellifluence doing over the Summer

At a quick glance there’s nearly 100 open issues and we’re gearing up to extend the product beyond how it’s currently used (which always excites me). Expect more updates in a few months as we continue to meet the needs of our influencers and brands. As a signing off note: we’re very feedback oriented so if you’re a user and have a need, please contact our support team and we’ll try to make Intellifluence the most useful influencer marketing tool possible for you.

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