InMobi’s new Appographic Targeting promotes new apps based on user interest and preferences

Andy Boxall | March 18, 2015

App Marketing

InMobi has launched its new Appographic Targeting feature, and it’s designed to help developers promote apps based on individual user profiles, rather than location, OS, or app genre. Instead, ads can be used to provide helpful app suggestions created by observing what apps users are already enjoying.
See how the Appographic Targeting feature works in this video

For example, if a travel review app is being used, a similarly designed app for booking flights would be promoted, or if a user is using apps to identify deals and discounts, then a separate deal-focused shopping app could be advertised. InMobi says its research shows app users are open to using apps from outside the same app store category, provided they match a similar criteria, making this type of marketing data important.
InMobi used its own data taken from more than 10,000 apps to identify those key points, and matched them to user preferences. By using the Appographic Targeting feature on app promotion campaigns, InMobi predicts a 72% increase in install rates, 26% lower cost-per-install, and a 30% higher lifetime value.
Piyush Shah, product VP at InMobi, said:

“We have conducted over 50 successful pilots with several large app developers who have seen significantly better campaign results over traditional targeting. We expect this capability to be particularly beneficial to developers and are offering it via our self-serve platform. Combined with our global scale, Appographic Targeting completes our full stack of offerings to make any developer successful in driving high quality user acquisition.”

The Appographic Targeting feature has 200 different segments, making it easier to focus in on a small section of users. It’s part of InMobi’s own self-serve app install platform, and developers interested in learning more can try it out for free on the company’s website. To learn more about InMobi, visit the company’s profile here.

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