InMobi partners with APUS to maximise global reach

Anne Freier | September 21, 2015

Mobile Advertising

inmobi apus
Mobile ad platform, InMobi, recently announced a partnership with Chinese app developer, APUS Group, to maximise the companies’ global reach. As part of the agreement, InMobi will be helping APUS to increase its user base and market share in India. APUS will give InMobi access to over 200m users across its APUS user system in return.
InMobi partners with APUS
APUS has over 25m users in India with five popular Android apps. It aims to conquer the Indian market, expected to count 369m smartphone users by 2018. With plans to grow its Android user system to 80m in India by 2016, InMobi will provide local expertise to APUS, helping the company understand India’s app market, in addition to guidance on localising the APUS app experience and acquiring Indian talent. Li Tao (pictured above right), CEO and Founder, APUS Group, adds:

“While we have grown quickly worldwide in the past year, we think the opportunity that exists in India is still largely untapped and will lead the third wave of significant mobile growth. With InMobi, we believe we have the best partner who can help us win in this market. This is the first win-win cooperation between dominant Chinese and Indian forces to supply the best products and systems to global users, and to supply a perfect ecosystem and business environment to global developers. As the first exploration between Chinese and Indian Internet companies on business, technology, capital and culture, and a new approach by China and India as major economies in the technology revolution, this partnership is truly a unique epoch-making milestone.”

Through the monetisation partnership, InMobi will gain access to APUS’s 200m users worldwide. The company is expected to reach 300m by the end of 2015 and 500m by the end of 2016. Combining InMobi next-gen user data analysis with APUS’s user data platform and experience, yields an improved monetisation performance and results. InMobi Miip, native ads and video ads together with APUS’s user experience features aim to provide a non-intrusive user experience.
Naveen Tewari (picture above left), CEO and Cofounder, InMobi, concludes:

“We are happy to partner with APUS and introduce a new, user-friendly monetization opportunity to one of the largest Android app developers. And, we’re even more excited about helping the APUS apps to feel more at home across the millions of Android users in India. We believe this to be the start of an exciting chapter on how Indian and Chinese companies can partner for impressive and rapid growth.”

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