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Posted: October 19, 2021

Developers around the globe can tune into Huawei’s three-day event to hear the latest updates across industries directly from the experts. 

From 22nd to 24th October, Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (HDC 2021) will return to bring the latest industry trends, exciting announcements, and highly anticipated online keynotes. With three days packed with different sessions, developers can expect to hear the latest on HarmonyOS, AppGallery and HMS Core 6.0, with advice from the experts about using Huawei’s new technologies across industries. 

Themed “Together”, HDC 2021 will continue Huawei’s vision to build a smart, safe, and flourishing ecosystem − with and for its partners. Industry speakers will join Huawei experts for three days of dedicated online tech sessions and keynotes, exploring the latest in everything from fintech and gaming to AI and All-scenario intelligence. 

Developers will also have the chance to join and engage with attendees from all around the world, gaining exclusive insight into how they can leverage Huawei’s drive for innovation to create new services within their apps. For those looking for new ways to grow their apps with AppGallery, HDC 2021 will show how Huawei is committed to helping its partners succeed. 

In addition to the opening keynote, where viewers can expect to hear the latest updates on HarmonyOS and HMS Core 6.0, developers can tune into industry specific tech sessions to learn more directly about their chosen sector, hearing directly from well-known industry players and other developers. 

Dedicated tech sessions to empower leading industry players

As well as the leading keynotes that developers can expect from Friday 22nd, breakout tech sessions with Huawei experts and speakers will offer more specific support for those looking to integrate with innovative technology and learn about the latest HarmonyOS and HMS Core updates. Each session will offer developers the chance to learn directly from the best, providing direct insight into the workings of Huawei and its AppGallery. 

The AppGallery, finance and gaming tech sessions will stream after the main keynotes, giving direct access to the minds behind Huawei’s ecosystem in those industries. Soon after, developers can also dive into the details of the latest updates for Petal Maps, Petal Search and HMS Core 6.0. In addition to hearing how AppGallery can support its partners, the breakout tech sessions will offer a more intimate setting to learn about the latest trends in those markets. 

Alongside its partners, AppGallery fosters innovation

With AppGallery, Huawei pushes boundaries by driving innovation and disruptions across multiple sectors, bringing tools and technologies to empower developers and create new experiences. HDC 2021 is expected to reveal just that, with those that join among the first to hear the latest developments in Huawei’s technology on offer. 

Huawei is aiming to create an accessible and innovative app platform with AppGallery, providing its diverse global audience of 550 million monthly with access to a choice of the best, most innovative apps. Working closely with its partners and providing access to the support developers need to realise their business potential, AppGallery can champion innovation and offer its userbase the mobile services that they need. 

This year’s HDC will focus on teaching developers how to make the most from the resources on offer, through intimate and engaging settings. AppGallery provides full-spectrum operational support for developers worldwide and assist them to unlock new opportunities, such as cross-region operation and global exposure. How to access this will be revealed at the event. 


Keynote | 0730 AM (BST) | On Track to Map the Future

  • Richard Yu, Executive Director, CEO of the Consumer Business Group, CEO of Intelligent Automotive Solution BU, Huawei 
  • David Wang, President of the AI and All-scenario Intelligence Business Unit, Huawei Consumer Business Group
  • Zhang Ping’an, President of the Consumer Cloud Service, Huawei Consumer Business Group, CEO of Huawei Cloud BU
  • Tim Gong, President of the Software Dept, Huawei Consumer Business Group  
  • Kevin Ho, COO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, President of the Handset Business, Huawei Consumer Business Group  

Gaming Tech Session 

  • AppGallery: find your next big win

Alexandre Salem, Global Director, Global Gaming Vertical BD, Global Partnerships & Eco-Development Business Dept, Huawei

AppGallery Tech Session

  • Growing your business worldwide with paid promotion services of HUAWEI AppGallery

Stephane Fournis, Senior Operations Manager, Huawei

  • HUAWEI GameCenter: building a new gaming experience

Victor Zhu, Overseas Operations Director, GameCenter, Huawei

  • Utilizing AppGallery Connect services to enhance your app

Zachary Powell, Lead Developer Advocate, AppGallery Connect, Huawei

Finance Tech Session

  • AppGallery: why we’re focusing on innovation and Open Banking

Siri Borsum, Global VP, Financial Vertical, Global Partnerships & Eco-Development Business Dept, Huawei

  • Interview with Brett King

Author of The Rise of Technosocialism

Petal Maps Tech  Session

  • Petal Maps business development

Dr. Jaime Gonzalo, Vice President, Mobile Services, Huawei Europe

  • Petal Maps app 2.0: experience innovation and service upgrade

Adela Sadowska, Content Operation Manager, Mobile Services, Huawei Europe

  • Petal Maps Platform: new capabilities and ecosystem

Julia Markiewicz, Marketing Manager, Mobile Services, Huawei Europe

Petal Search Tech Session

  • Petal Search 2.0: expanded reach and innovative features

Fernando Garcia Calvo, Deputy Director of Petal Search Europe, Consumer Cloud Service Dept, Huawei

  • Leveraging AI, voice, and visual search to improve e-commerce performance

Peter van Hees, Principal Product Manager of Petal Search Europe, Consumer Cloud Service Dept, Huawei

  • Re-thinking LOCAL with Petal Search: a vision for the future

Maria Jaquotot, Senior Partnerships Manager of Petal Search Europe, Consumer Cloud Service Dept, Huawei

  • Data access and distribution via Petal Travel Center

Raghu T S, Principal Product Manager of Petal Search APAC, Consumer Cloud Service Dept, Huawei

HMS Core 6.0 Tech Session

  • Current audio production and future trends

Jacob Dawick, Developer Advocate, Huawei

  • Rich and convenient digital life in your digital wallet

Ian Valentine, Business Consulting, Strategy and Product Expert, Huawei

  • HMS Toolkit: a fast way to integrate HMS Core

Ian Valentine, Business Consulting, Strategy and Product Expert, Huawei

  • Creating a thriving business with the global In-App Purchases network

Julian Xuan, In-App Purchases Product Manager, Consumer Service Dept, Huawei

… and more

For the full agenda and live broadcast information, please visit the event webpage.

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