How to Text to Acquire And Engage App Users

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Posted: August 9, 2018

While apps offer built-in push notifications, they aren’t always effective for reaching customers, keeping them interested, or bringing in new visitors. Many people automatically turn push notifications off, while others appreciate the reminders that come from their apps.

Text messaging can encourage more app downloads and engagement, and it bridges the gap between apps and the consumers so they stay connected.

The Importance of Mobile App Engagement

Mobile apps are the wave of the future when it comes to consumers interacting with brands. Estimates forecast that by 2020, mobile apps will bring $189 billion U.S. dollars in revenue via the in-app store purchases. Therefore, a business needs to take full advantage of engagement between consumers and their mobile app.

Mobile messaging offers a simplified approach for delivering a link to consumers who have not yet downloaded the app and sends notifications urging customers to check in with the app for the latest products, offers, or services.

Here are some ways that SMS can improve engagement between customers and mobile applications:

Text Messages Can Amplify Push Notifications

Push notifications allow your app to notify consumers of messages, events, and details even when the app is closed. While it works as a text message, it does not have the same global reach as SMS which is supported by all mobile phones. Therefore, sending text messages for urgent updates or fast-expiring deals allows you to reach more customers just at the right time.

They Aren’t On Their Phone – Not A Problem!

Ensuring that people will download your app some time after they find it online and are away from their smartphones is easy if you add a Text Me a Link button. By pushing that button they can immediately send the download link to their mobile phone and use it when they have the device in their hands again. This way SMS texts help you to catch those potential app users and increase chances they download your app.

Provide Current App Users with Tools to Share and Like an App

You can use text messaging to send links to your existing app users that will direct them to a page where they can like, rate, or write a review on your app.

Word of mouth advertising still has a valuable impact today. According to one survey, 92 percent of consumers believed the recommendations from friends and family over advertising. Therefore, seeing a recommendation or encouraging a user to share their app with others could increase app downloads more than catchy advertisements.

SMS Drives Positive Results for Marketing

Text messaging can provide you with positive feedback on your app marketing by:

  • Building a relationship with your user. If you’d like to use text messages, you need to be sure they trust you and allow you to text them. Building a text opt-in list is a must both legally and strategically – Target those customers who’re ready to receive text messages from you.  Get their permission to deliver messages and alerts about the app to keep them up-to-date.
  • Driving further sales with a follow-up. Furthermore, you can drive app sales by offering an “invite a friend” program. Empower app users to spread the word with an easy-to-share link.
  • Re-engaging the inactive users. You can use text messages to reach out to customers who only open the application occasionally or who have not opened the app for a while. By texting your dormant users and letting them know you still care, you may trigger their interest and convince them to re-install or re-open your app and see what is new.

Take Advantage Of The Upcoming Events

During the holidays or special events, people are on the lookout for both gifts and party items. You can take full advantage of that by encouraging people to download your app before the event to take advantage of a special promotion. As an example, Union Plus was looking for opportunities to promote their app, and they found the 4th of July to be the perfect time to appeal to their audience.

Two days before Independence Day, they sent out a message that encouraged people to download the app in order to get the union-made beer list on their phones. Result: Within 48 hours, over 1,100 people had downloaded the app to get the list, which was over 25% of the members.

Think of unique ways that you can tie holidays and special events into offerings that will encourage people to download your app.

Remember the Three C’s for Customer Relationship

Whether you are combining SMS with push notifications or merely using your text messages to encourage new users to try your app, you cannot ignore the three C’s of customer relationships:

  • Communicate: Always reach out to your customers and stay in touch with them. Ask for their permission to send them text messages and never spam. Provide an easy opt-in, but also offer a clear opt-out option. This establishes a layer of trust and connection between you and the consumer.
  • Connect: Encourage your current mobile app users to connect with friends and family to share your app. Make it easy to share your app with links, feedback built into the app, and more.
  • Cultivate: Once the relationship is there and the app is installed, keep the relationship healthy and strong. That includes updating customers with push notifications and SMS. Send notifications to customers who have not been active for a while. You can inform them about your latest app updates or ask for feedback to see where you can improve your app (and in turn, improve their engagement).

The Bottom Line

The mobile app industry is competitive, and you need to make your future by focusing on engagement, re-engagement, and cultivation. The more interactive you are with your target audience, the more engaged and interested they will be in your app and future progression of your business.

A successful business is all about engagement. To engage, you need to use multiple avenues, including texting, mobile apps, email to market efficiently.