How to Solve UX Issues to Avoid App User Churn

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Posted: April 27, 2017

There are many ways how user experience influences the overall satisfaction of the user. It means that the user can face serious problems trying to overcome the UX issues.
As Apptentive claims, user experience is the main way how user determines their feels, thinks and responds to the various functions, functionality of the app. So UX should be up-to-date, it should have good features to work with and it should be as simple as possible.
However among these characteristics, there are even more factors which influence the overall state of apps and even amount of churns. You can read our previous articles about the churns and bad UX is one of reasons, which cause people to churn.
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Too many notifications

There are many apps, which bother people with endless notifications. People feel buried with all these things. People don’t always want to get so many notifications.
They may work or have some issues to solve and all text messages can distract their attention from the current issues. It is good to notify people about the main features, however excessive use of in-app messaging is counterproductive.

Operating issues

There are operating issues, which are also important. An app should have a high level of usability to keep people engaged. You cannot maintain a stable user base without the app that can normally deliver the value to the audience.
App should not be too complicated to use, since too complicated interface can frighten people.

Distracting in-app messages

You already know that pop-ups and the request to leave a feedback attract people, however you should not interrupt the process of interaction with the app. They should be timely, non distracting and easy for processing. Otherwise you can catch your user during an interesting moment and it will bring a lot of frustration that can even lead to churn.

Invasion of privacy

In the information age you cannot misuse the trust of your users. If you offer the app that collects personal information, all info should be protected and deleted after the use. Otherwise you risk to give this info to parties, which can disclose it and it can lead to devastating results.
People will leave your app and will never trust you. So, privacy issues are quite important for mobile users, since they can include a lot of personal and sensitive information. It should be protected to avoid strong negative reaction from your audience.

Log in difficulty

Do you know that there are many things, which can prevent your users from easy and comfortable use of the app. One of the main things, which disappoint users is log in difficulties. Some apps can have some issues with authorization and it makes it hard to use the app value. Without such value, people will uninstall your app and it will be the end for your brand loyalty.

Bottom line

You should be aware of the fact that there are numerous factors, which influence the overall users’ experience. You should not underestimate how it feels to use your app. You can make A/B testing to avoid serious issues with usability. It will help you to maintain stable set of functional features, which will be useful for your customers.

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