How advertisers can use LinkedIn more effectively to reach buyers

Anne Freer | September 28, 2021

Mobile Advertising

LinkedIn has revealed how brands could use the platform and popular networking app to reach potential buyers.

The company recently shared an infographic that outlines how teams can grow their audiences, promote trust and connect to other members.

As the largest business network with over 774 million members, it has enormous reach and users spend plenty of time on the network sharing moments and engaging in conversations.

LinkedIn said it made up the largest share of B2B display ad spending in 2021.

What makes LinkedIn users potentially more valuable to brands is that they have purpose when they access the app or network on the web.

So how can marketers take advantage?

LinkedIn said that its targeting features are primarily tools to target audiences.

Website targeting, retargeting or Matched Audiences are all part of the strategy. Advertisers can also retarget video viewers by 25%, 50% or 75% completion rates.

Among the site’s most popular ad solutions are Sponsored Content ads that can take the form of Single Image or Carousel or Video Ads.

Sponsored messaging ads or Lead Gen Forms are other popular strategies.

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