HIVE ADX, a real-time bidding ad exchange system, was just released

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Posted: March 25, 2019


Q: What is HIVE? If you wanted to give three keywords to HIVE, what would you think?

A: The beehive is a fortress which built by bees. The bees collect pollen, carry them to the beehive, and then brew nectar in the hive. This process is very interesting. In the HIVE, pollen becoming the honey that needed on the market. HIVE is exactly such a magical bastion. Similarly, HIVE ADX connects DEMAND and SUPPLY. Through HIVE platform, ads can achieve real-time bidding, precision marketing and intelligent matching, which is the charm of HIVE. Of course, only three words can’t accurately define what HIVE is and what does Hive do. But if there are three keywords to summarize, I think they’re: RICH, EFFICIENCY and FRIENDLY. Rich refers to sources and forms; Efficiency refers to technology and working attitude; Friendship refers our service and win-win cooperation.

Q: Where is HIVE ADX mainly targeted? why?

A: Internet world has no boundaries, also HIVE ADX is not limited to any country or region. HIVEs’ business covers more than 100+ countries around the world. However, HIVE has its own aims, which is mainly in the two regions of North America and Southeast Asia, mainly due to the maturity of the US market and the development potential of Southeast Asia. Since many developers from China will using these two markets as their first aim, and we’re cooperating with most of Chinese developers directly. Therefore, standing on the client’s perspective, we will pay more attention to these two markets.

Q: What types are the main partners of HIVE? Does the cooperation have any principles and standards?

A: In short, the main partners of HIVE are DEMAND and SUPPLY, as long as they are in the programmatic advertising market, they all have the opportunity to work with. But the main types are publishers, app developers, SSP, DSP, and direct advertisers. HIVE has always adhered to the concept of win-win cooperation, and follow example of excellent partner’s. Therefore, for what types partners we are choosing depends whether they have a good reputation in the this industry or have the same concept of cooperation, also we will pay close attention to sources and complementary cooperation.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for the company which wanted to enter this industry at this time?

A: I would say it’s not too late from now, because programmatic advertising is a big cake. According to the statistics, programmatic advertising spending in the United States will reach $48 billion in 2018 and will reach $69 billion in 2020. Programmatic advertising is quickly becoming the primary way for digital ads buying.

Q: So, as a real-time bidding programmatic trading platform, where is the difference in HIVE?

A: As a rising new star of the programmatic advertising industry, HIVEs’ main advantages are the ability to dig big data. Through more than 3 billion ad requests and transactions per day and 500 million mobile phone users, we built a database of mobile advertising user behavior and characteristics covering a large number of users and fine data. At the same time, we also closely follows the needs of users, quickly iterating products, and providing HQ mobile advertising products and services to our clients in the industry.

Q: Can you introduce your team?

A: The HIVE team has a consistent pace and the overall style is younger. Our team is made up of tech guy, operation manager and business development manager. The technical team style is rigorous , they have a long-term planning in technology development. They always follow the schedule of time and have a very procedural style; The operation managers, who are sensitive for data and precise in their operations. Meanwhile, it’s also our standard in recruitment and training our staffs; Business managers have many years of experience in programmatic advertising, and they are highly sensitive to data. The most important thing is the ability to match the requires that you are looking for.