Google upgrades online shopping experience for consumers and advertisers

Anne Freier

In App Business. May 15, 2019

Google has seriously bolstered its shopping experience across key entities such as Google Images, YouTube and Google Shopping through new ways to find and compare products and check them out instantly online.

Shoppers can now complete purchases directly from search results, but also add additional filters by brand and reviews on Google Shopping.

The new features will be showcased at the Google Marketing Live event today.

In addition to rolling out new features for consumers, the company has also expanded Showcase Shopping ads for brands and retailers. The format enables advertisers to incorporate their ads on Google Images, YouTube and Discover.

The company is also improving its Smart Shopping campaigns through store visit optimisation and adding local inventory information.

Furthermore, Google will be bringing together its Express and Shopping entities making it easier for customers to return items.

Google’s Shopping Campaigns with Partners service also lets retailers accept budgets from brands to promote their products.

Beauty brand Estée Lauder has been among the first to test the service boosting its clicks on Google 70%.