Google to rank new pages based on mobile website versions

Google will be prioritising mobile website versions compared to desktop ones as of July 1 for new websites. Previously, the company ranked a page based on the desktop version of a website.

However, given that a growing majority of Google Search users are now using their mobile devices, the company has decided to change the way it indexes pages.

This means that new website owners are encouraged to optimise their websites for mobile display.

For site owners with separate URLs this means that Google will prefer the mobile URL for indexing. Meanwhile, for dynamically served content Google will opt for the mobile optimised content for indexing.

In addition, it prefer the mobile version of non-AMP URL for indexing.

In a blog post, the company revealed a few best practices for website owners seeking to deliver dynamic content and those with separate URLs.

Specifically, Google advises that mobile site content should be the same as content on the desktop site including text, images and videos.

URLs in structure data on mobile versions should be updated to the mobile URLs and metadata should be present for both versions.

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