Google speeds up search and display ads with AMP technology

Slow loading ads are a thing of the past, as Google announces a speed boost to its search ads. The company said on Tuesday that the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project was being expanded for brands to advertise within search results. AMP pages supposedly render in less than a second on average.
The addition is an AdWord beta that lets advertisers tap into fast-loading AMP pages as the landing pages for search ads.
That means consumers who tap on a search ad from a company that opted into the new format, would see the landing page load significantly faster than other results in a window within Google’s site.
In addition, the company announced that it would bring its AMP technology to display ads to automatically convert them into a faster loading format. Boosted display ads on the Google Display Networks run up to five seconds faster than standard display ads.
The AMP project was launched around two years ago in response to slow loading mobile pages stifling conversions. Indeed, a delay of just one second in mobile page load times can decrease conversion rates by up to 20%.
According to research by SOASTA in April, 28% of consumers will not return to a site that loads slowly. The sweet spot for peak conversions was found to be just 2.4 seconds and even a slowdown of as little as 1.8 seconds led to a 8% reduction in bounce rate.

Alongside giving consumers a much desired speed boost, the faster ads could also be a major enhancement for the advertising economy trying to persuade customers to abandon their ad blockers.
Google also announced additional tracking tools to allow marketers to gain a better understanding of in-store shopping habits.

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