Google adds Trending Searches to its iOS app

Anne Freier | September 4, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Google’s iOS app is getting a Trending Searches feature, which shows users the searches that are trending right now.
This won’t be news to Android device owners who have been enjoying Trending Searches since last year.
However, users haven’t been particularly happy with the product calling it annoying and disturbing as it does not feature targeted content. That means the search trends they see aren’t specifically catered to them.
Since then, Google has implemented an opt-out feature for the app.
Additionally, the company has been busy overhauling the app. It added a blue arrow icon next to trending search results, which is supposed to make them easier to distinguish from other searches. Of course, iOS users are also able to opt-out of the search trend addition.
The company also added an instant answer solution to make it easier for consumers to share on mobile devices. Even if a query or question is misspelled Google Search will correct the answer.
However, although the Trending Searches promises to be based on local trends, results may not be as local with many international events and news included.
For those interested in what everyone else is searching for, the update is now live.

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