glispa unveils new advertising mediation platform Ampiri for app developers

Berlin-headquartered mobile marketer, glispa, today announced its new ad mediation platform, Ampiri, which gives mobile app developers and publishers full control and transparency over their app inventory. The original platform was acquired from MoneyTap and developed further internally to slot right into glispa’s existing ad tech suite. It enables developers to gain more control of their demand sources, deep audience insights and in return up their revenues.
glispa announces Ampiri
Ampiri - 3
Ampiri provides a single SDK to connect apps to hundreds of ad networks and DSPs. It provides self-serve as well as managed inventory services and provides mediation between networks and DSP. Through optimised monetisation, the best buyer out of 200 countries is automatically selected. Ad formats include native, banners, interstitials, rewarded and non-rewarded video, and high-impact, immersive video ads.
Ampiri connects an app to 100s of ad networks and DSPs
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The platform also blends together major demand sources into a single campaign selection algorithm to optimise features in real-time for developers to choose the best performing campaign out of direct demand, cross promotion, ad networks and DSPs.
Freddy Friedman, Chief Product Officer, glispa, says:
freddy friedman

“After taking the time to grow our own monetization business and looking at every mediation solution on the market, we found that MoneyTap’s team and monetization platform are by far the most advanced, innovative and business-focused in the industry. Ampiri uniquely addresses the top three most important values that publishers are looking for within an SSP: transparency, control and performance. The platform is able to address them all with more innovation and clarity than any other platform out there.”

The platform is based on a data-driven approach and mediates with networks including Facebook Audience Network, Admob among others.
glispa also recently rolled out its Audience Platform, which now powers Ampiri as a targeted, engagement-driven monetisation solution.
Kirill Tyufanov, Founder and CEO, MoneyTap, adds:
kirill tuyfanov

“Ampiri is an excellent combination of our monetization technology and glispa’s impressive market position and reach, creating the most powerful monetization solution in the market.”

glispa has a reach of around one billion active mobile users per month, with offices in Berlin, Beijing, Bangalore, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and São Paulo. Native monetisation is at the core of what glispa does and has made up over 50% of its business. Some of its largest publishers include Baidu, Sungy and Cheetah Mobile.

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