Glispa to expand mobile native and programmatic focus in 2017

Anne Freier | December 15, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Mobile ad tech firm, Glispa Global Group, this week released an overview of its successes this year. The company says it is now reaching 187 countries with its mobile ad campaigns and on-boarded over 300 new advertisers in 2016. It has also doubled its staff and reinvested in technology and data science throughout the year. Glispa hopes that this should push forward demand and the supply side of the business.
Glispa now has over a billion active users
Indeed, Glispa had a good year.
Among its highlights, the company reinvested in the BI-Knowledge System, which aims to offer support for operational activities across all business units.
By August, it launched its social influencer network VOLTU that had been developed in just three months as part of a user acquisition and division strategy. It brings together advertisers with social influencers to promote apps.
Glispa also added eight senior data scientists to its team to improve analysis across 1.5bn user profiles.
In addition, the company invested in the supply-side of the business by acquiring MoneyTap, a SDK mediation platform, in March and integrating it with native monetisation platform Ampiri to improve monetisation for publishers. Its second acquisition was native programmatic exchange Avocarrot in September. The move adds a range of apps to support Ampiri.
The company’s global expansion successes this year included breaking into the Brazilian mobile market by acquiring Brazilian mobile ad firm MOBILS. In June, the company then launched an office in Southeast Asia to promote its local presence and find potential clients across Indonesia. In line with its expansion, Glispa has grown the number of its employees to more than 250 during the year.
Gary Lin, Founder and CEO of Glispa Global Group, told us that 2017 will likely see programmatic, native mobile ads advance. He says:
gary lin glispa

“Native ads are displaying unparalleled performance on mobile, and the drive now is for fast technical adaptation of standards. Once these are in place, advertisers will want to take advantage of native’s high conversion rates and integrate programmatic native offerings into their 2017 marketing mix.”

Glispa has plans to invest in new technologies within this area and expand its native and programmatic products and services through Ampiri.
“Using our quality optimization engine we align ourselves with our clients’ KPIs by rating traffic sources and optimizing accordingly, improving profitability and increasing the lifetime value of each campaign,” Lin adds. “We’ll also continue our global diversification across our product range, including our social influencer network, VOLTU. Overall, we will be placing a key focus on Indonesia and India, alongside our core markets of the US, EU, China, Brazil and the rest of the Southeast Asian region.”
Native mediation and programmatic will be an ever more important area to focus on for 2017 as app makers demand more control and transparency when it comes to purchasing and selling ad slots.

“In the coming months we will fully integrate our native programmatic exchange Avocarrot with Ampiri to create one unified solution. With this in place, developers will have access to a mix of both native programmatic and network traffic, with complete transparency on which traffic yields the best results.”

It seems that Glispa is well positioned for the challenges ahead in 2017. Indeed, native ad spend is growing rapidly in the US, whilst smartphone penetration in India and Brazil now averages 12% and 11% respectively.
We wish Glispa a successful 2017!

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