Glispa rolls out self-service monetisation platform for in-app advertising – Avocarrot

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 24, 2017

Self-service has arrived for developers. Mobile ad tech firm,Glispa Global Group, has launched its latest product, the Avocarrot   self-service monetisation platform for in-app ads, programmatic and performance-based formats. The move is part of the company’s acquisition of Avocarrot back in September 2016.
Avocarrot used to offer native ads via its SSP back in 2016. Now, it has been expanded to include functionalities from Ampiri, the mediation platform, as well as Glispa’s Audience Platform, the user data profiling platform.
Glispa says that the new solution provides the potential to maximise monetisation by enabling developers to mediate between brand and performance sources. They no longer choose between CPM and CPI models. Instead, the SSP is connected to over 50 DSPs for RTB brand demand and has access to leading ad networks for CPI campaigns. Ad network mediation and programmatic exchange are interconnected.
Itamar Benedy, CRO at Glispa, explains:

“With this launch, we now have the leading native monetization platform for app developers. The combination of programmatic brand budgets with CPI performance budgets in a fully transparent environment is a true game changer. When connecting that to our global reach and presence, this will allow app developers and owners to aim much higher.”

In addition, the new platform features GAP advanced data analysis for improved targeting and better matched ads. Glispa alone reaches around one billion users and GAP crunches over 450 billion ad events each month. It analyses data for more dynamic targeting and turns raw data into automatic user insights.

“The concept that superior user experience and effective monetization goals cannot coexist is a thing of the past. With our unified new SSP, one of the app world’s biggest pain points has taken a huge step towards being resolved,” said Freddy Friedman, Chief Product Officer at Glispa.

The latest release follows two years of development and strategic acquisitions at Glispa. Its current brand advertisers include Twitter, Amazon, Gilt, Lazada, Deezer, Wish, Big Fish, and many more.