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Partner Post - Billy Mobile The Leading Affiliate Platform

Posted: November 6, 2017

Billy Mobile, an affiliate platform focused on CPA mobile content, works hard everyday to be the leading company in the mobile arena of the ad-tech industry. Aiming to offer more and better tools for Media Buyers and advertisers to work with the highest quality and safest traffic, Billy is proud to present their CPC Self-service Platform for Advertisers.
Until now, Billy has worked on CPC basis only with large advertisers. Tapping into Billy’s large inventory of mobile traffic at very competitive CPC rates have yielded great results for them.
Now, Billy has opened a CPC self-service Platform to make its massive inventory of traffic available to the long-tail of advertisers and media buyers.
Facing strong competing platforms, Billy’s goal is to differentiate its CPC Self-Service Platform for Advertisers by focusing on:

  • Offering stellar customer support. Their aim is to help you turn a profit as soon as soon as possible and make your revenues grow as a media buyer / advertiser by providing valuable market insights and experience in optimizing campaigns.
  • Best in class mobile targeting including targeting by device types, connection types, carriers, IP whitelisting, browsers, frequency capping, etc. All this is to help the media buyer or advertiser buy only the portion of traffic that converts for them.
  • Quality, fraud-clean pop / redirect traffic. An entire team of full-staff employees monitorize our traffic at all times and make sure no fraudulent traffic reaches our advertisers.
  • Modern, fast and easy-to-use platform with real-time statistics.

As a inaugural promotion campaign, they’re offering an extra 20% bonus in free funds over your first account top-up. Don’t miss the opportunity to promote your campaigns on this new and promising CPC Platform.
If you have any questions, please get in touch with Billy Mobile’s CPC expert.
The company will also be attending the AWE in Bangkok 6th and 7th December where you can meet them at booth #B7.

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