Gameloft partners with Smart AdServer to expand availability of in-app mobile inventory

Anne Freier | February 12, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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Ad solution, Gameloft Advertising Solutions, just announced a partnership with Smart AdServer, the publisher integrated platform for real-time bidding, to integrate the company’s Smart RTB+ platform. This allows Gameloft to improve availability of its in-app mobile inventory across programmatic channels for display and video formats. Advertisers can benefit from access to a larger premium inventory.
Gameloft provides in-game ad solutions for app publishers
Gameloft joins other publishers in integrating Smart AdServer’s SSP, Smart RTB+, in reaching a global audience. The move enables access to over eight billion geo-targeted and ultra-targeted impressions across display and video inventory.
Cyril Guilleminot, France & Benelux Director, Gameloft, says:

“This technological partnership will allow us to take advantage of the expertise of Smart RTB+ on end-user environments in order to rapidly accelerate the growth of our programmatic activity. With programmatic, Gameloft Advertising Solutions continues its development in the world of mobile advertising.”

Gameloft Advertising Solutions inventory is now available on Smart RTB+ in most European countries, the US and Latin America.
Cyrille Geffray, CEO, Smart AdServer, adds:
cyrille geffray

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the leading digital and social game publisher. The massive global audience of Gameloft Advertising Solutions, combined with the technology of Smart AdServer, makes this collaboration a preferred asset to offer a premium and reliable inventory in popular formats to programmatic demands. Moreover, the convergence of our strategic challenges, whether in terms of video development or in certain territories-such as the US, where Smart AdServer now has an office employing over 15 people and where Gameloft already delivers an inventory of over 1 billion impressions-has made this partnership clear.”