Fyber helps LINE place rewarded video advertising across its mobile games


Source Fyber

Fyber, the advertising tech company, today announced a collaboration with Japanese messaging app and game maker, LINE. As part of the deal, Fyber will be placing ads on LINE’s mobile games through its video advertising monetisation platform.

The ads are rewarded video ads and LINE users will be able to get in-game currency for viewing them. As of right now, the app maker’s monthly user base consists of hundreds of millions worldwide users. LINE Corp. had the largest tech IPO in 2016.

Fyber offers a platform that seeks to maximise revenues for advertisers whilst ensuring that publishers get to reduce their operational costs when managing ad integrations.

The partnership also means that Fyber’s team will be helping out LINE more closely. This is in line with the ad firm’s Asia-Pacific expansion plans and follows partnerships with Cheetah Mobile, Feelingtouch, GREE, Bandai Namco and more.

Jim Schinella, Chief Business Officer of Fyber, says:


“It’s exciting to partner with a great company like LINE who has taken the first step in adopting ad monetization as one of the leading publishers in the Asia-Pacific region. Rewarded video ads are steadily becoming a staple secondary revenue stream for mobile gaming devs who have traditionally focused on just IAP. Their popularity stems in the fact that they’re opt-in. Users choose to watch a video ad, so the experience is much more user friendly and engaging compared to traditional advertising.”

With digital advertising now booming in the Asian market, mobile ad campaigns were found to generate the largest growth across the ad economy, whilst desktop is declining. A MAGNA Global Advertising Forecasts Winter Update highlights that by 2020, mobile devices are going to make up 70% of ad budgets.

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