Four “vulgar” news apps given temporary download ban in China

Andy Boxall | April 13, 2018

App Business

The Chinese government’s media regulatory board has forced four highly popular news apps to cease operation for a fixed period of time, stopping users from downloading them, due to them containing “vulgar” content.

The apps are NetEase News, Jinri Toutiao, Ifeng News, and Tiatian Kuaibao. Each has been given a limited time ban on downloads through Android app stores in China, and collectively they have more than 400 million users.

Jinri Toutiao is the most popular with 263 million users, and has been given a three week ban by the government. Ifeng News, with 56 million users, won’t be in app stores for two weeks. NetEase News has 60 million users and received a one week ban, and finally with 45 million users, Tiantian Kuaibao will be out of stores for three days.

All four apps are addressing the problematic content — which is not described — and several including Jinri Toutiao, will increase the amount of people working on the content review process. The ban is the latest action to be taken against mobile apps in China, following its first cybersecurity law which came into action last June.

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