Flurry launches powered up RTB exchange Flurry Marketplace

Flurry, the San Francisco-based app advertising and analytics platform has launched the Flurry Marketplace. This provides a Real Time Bidding exchange that comes pre-bundled with ‘app audience data’, the differentiating factor that Flurry says makes them unique from other competitors in the mobile RTB space.
What this  means is that Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) and Agency trading Desks (ATDs), can now reach their intended audiences without relying on third-party data. The audience data that Flurry uses comes from more than 300,000 apps from over 1 billion mobile smartphones and tablets every month.
Flurry Data Overview Infographic
Using the Flurry Marketplace then, advertisers and publishers are matched together, with the advertisers offering bids to buy the ads in real-time targeting the specific audience they want to reach. Advertisers can use the data provided by Flurry to evaluate bid requests through variables such as age, gender, device and geography across the 300 million monthly unique users on the marketplace. Flurry has based their new platform on the Open RTB standard which makes it easier for other platforms and bidders to integrate with their marketplace.
Simon Khalaf, the Flurry president and CEO, had this to say:

“Despite big data advances, app publishers continue to sell inventory undervalued and blind because programmatic buyers don’t yet have a platform that overcomes publisher fragmentation and provides quality audience data in order to improve buying decisions. Flurry Marketplace aggregates and enriches advertising inventory from thousands of applications with relevant, granular audience data that empowers DSPs, ATDs and networks to buy efficiently.”

According to IDC, worldwide RTB advertising spend is predicted to exceed $13 billion by 2016.  It’s easy to see why as RTB exchanges can significantly improve the overall transaction flow between advertisers and publishers, maximizing ROI and ensuring that the pricing agreed is optimal for both parties. It seems increasingly clear that the app advertising industry is going to be increasingly defined by these new exchange-based platforms.
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