Flipboard emulates magazine experience on mobile devices with launch of Interest Graph targeting engine

Social news magazine app Flipboard has announced the launch of its Interest Graph targeting engine to enhance its ad targeting capabilities.
Flipboard rolls out graph targeting
Source: flipboard.com
The company says that if e.g. a food company plans to advertise a Promoted Story they can now target it to the “Recipes” category on Flipboard. And with the added benefit of graph targeting, Flipboard then dynamically serves these ads to related categories such as “Nutrition”, “Gardening”, “Grilling”, and “Baking”.
Flipboard graph overview
Source: flipboard.com
Dave Huynh, Head of Advertising, Flipboard, says:
dave huynh

“The advertiser may not have considered that relationship ahead of time, but what our data is telling you, that’s the same kind of consumer you’re interested in. The same person has similar interests, and they’re more likely to be in line with what you want to be your initial goal.”

Interest graphs aren’t just restricted to connect consumers with similar product or category interests, but go further to include mindsets and passions. E.g. coffee connoisseurs just like craft beer fans are similarly interested in the process of roasting or brewing the beverage and hence may share a graph given an advertiser’s incentive.
Flipboard currently has 80m monthly active users who read, share, curate, like and discuss stories. Graphs are a great addition for advertisers to target their products more carefully.

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