Fiksu reveals two new brand marketing services – Aware and Response

The app marketing and media buying company Fiksu has added two new products to its platform, both of which are designed to help improve marketers ability to target and communicate with customers. The first new service is Fiksu Aware, where brand awareness and consideration can be improved through more precise user targeting. The second is Fiksu Response, which also uses targeted audiences to push sales, registrations and leads forward.
In addition to launching the new products, the Fiksu brand has also been updated.
CEO of Fisku, Micah Adler, said:

“These expanded product offering and new look are a huge step forward for Fiksu. They reflect the maturation of mobile as the dominant form of digital interaction for consumers worldwide, and demonstrates our dedication to brands. Global marketers need a single solution rooted in mobile, making it possible to precisely target and reach the right mobile audiences with an effective, scalable solution. Fiksu answers that call.”

Fiksu’s other app marketing products have been renamed Fiksu Acquire, and Fiksu Retain. They’re all powered by its mIQ mobile marketing infrastructure, which pulls data from two billion device profiles to create Fiksu’s detailed user models. The company says its technology means campaign performance can be up to three times better than that of other systems.
Visit Fiksu’s profile to learn more about the company.

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