Facebook to test hiding Likes in News Feed

Anne Freier | September 3, 2019

App Business

Facebook may begin to hide Like counts across the News Feed to discourage competitiveness among users.

According to the social network the move would be designed to stop users from aggressively comparing themselves and misusing their posts to attract Likes.

It could also deter users from deleting posts if they don’t attract enough traction.

Subsidiary Instagram has been testing the tool across seven countries already, although it’s not clear what the outcome of that trial is just yet.

However, Facebook may be trialing it because things are going well on Instagram. The popular photo app began hiding likes for some users in Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, and Japan.

As engagement across Facebook continues to decline, the network may be trying to encourage more regular posting. By removing Like counts, Facebook could be easing some of the pressure for users to share only big events and allow them to share daily again.

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