Facebook to shut down mobile web part of Audience Network

Facebook wants to close down the mobile web arm of its Audience Network in April 2020.

Apparently, the move follows a company decision to cut down on mobile web cookies.

But some information suggests that the closures follow new privacy regulations for mobile brand advertisers and brand safety issues which require huge investments to keep on top of.

“We make business decisions based on where we see growing demand from our partners, and that’s in other formats across mobile apps,” a spokesman told Digiday. “We’re focusing our resources there moving forward.”

With Chrome’s blocking cookies, tracking could become a problem.

“Audience Network on mobile web simply won’t work as the tracking will be blocked,” said Ruben Schreurs, CEO of Digital Decisions. “That means neither the targeting nor the measurement will be available for Facebook, which is the core value of the model.”

It’s unclear if the closures will actually impact Facebook’s overall advertising revenues.

The mobile web arm is just a small part of the social network’s ad business.

Facebook paid over $1.5 billion to publishers via its Audience Network in 2018.

Overall, Audience Network is on track to generate $3.4 billion in ad spend in 2020.

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