Facebook Stories is now public, but that doesn’t mean people will be using it

Facebook has made its Stories feature public. That means users can now share their Stories for anyone to see them.
However, the company added that it had not planned a release date for Stories for its Pages just yet. In the meantime, celebrities or public figures with profiles will get to use the feature.
Rival Snapchat and subsidiary Instagram already incorporate Stories for public sharing.
TechCrunch writer Josh Constine recently tested the feature and noted that his Stories posts gained more public views than a News Feed post. This could point to Facebook currently prioritising Stories to push adoption.
However, the tool hasn’t had much success. Launched in April, not many people are currently using Stories. Facebook originally set out to build the tool to enable people to share personal content (and of course to boost its engagement). Perhaps the company’s problem is that its News Feed essentially already performs the same function.
The tool may work a little better for celebrities or content creators. Indeed, a celebrity may use Stories to share a bit of personal information instead of focusing on purely promoting his/her brand.

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