Facebook rolls out full-width mobile advertising format

Facebook has just rolled out a new full-width advertising format for mobile advertisers on the Facebook Audience Network.
According to a blog post, advertisers who tested the new full-width adverts noted a 58% jump in click-through rates compared to 34% higher monetisation of standard 300-250 pixel ads on the Facebook Audience Network.
The full-width ad formats are now available for mobile web publishers through header bidding.
The company adopted header bidding in March this year and has been steadily increasing the amount of advertising expenditure that goes to sources off-Facebook.
According to a Nanigans Facebook benchmark report, the share of ad spend now reaching sources outside of Facebook increased 8% between Q4 2016 and Q1 2017. Over the course of a year, the share of spend jumped 31%.
That trend has had a flattening effect on price increases, the report notes. Indeed, CPMs only increased 8% between the course of a year from Q1 2016. That’s way below the previous Q1 increase of 39% and the 273% hike between 2015 to 2016.

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