Facebook has been working on new messaging app Threads for Instagram users

Anne Freier | August 30, 2019

App Business

Facebook is working on a new app to encourage more intimate sharing between friends. Called Threads, the app is designed for Instagram users.

After all, Facebook already has a Messenger app.

Using Threads, Instagrammers can share texts, images, and videos. The app also lets users share their location and even battery life.

Instagram had previously been working on a messaging app called Direct, but it never really followed through and abandoned the app in May 2019.

Beta testers had apparently complained that they didn’t enjoy having to switch between two different apps with Direct.

But Instagram isn’t throwing in the towel just yet.

According to The Verge, the move may be yet another stab at Snapchat which has designed a solid messaging experience for close friends.

What’s interesting is that the app can automatically share a user’s status including location, speed and more – as long as the user opts in.

Other than that, the app resembles well-known Instagram features. Green dots next to friends’ names indicate that they are active. And friend posts can be viewed from inside the app.

Instagram didn’t comment so it’s unclear when the app will be rolled out.

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