Facebook adds Advertiser Outcome Score to measure ad performance

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Facebook yesterday announced that it added Advertiser Outcome Scores (AOS), which let publishers measure and evaluate the success of their ad placement by taking a closer look at outcomes such as app installs, purchases and registrations. Advertiser Outcome Scores can then be used to improve ad performance and ultimately revenue.
Facebook launches Advertiser Outcome Score
Source: facebook.com
Scores are viewed from within the Audience Network dashboard to help spot opportunities for ad improvement. Scores rank from 1 to 13 and can be compared against all other placements or similar ones. Facebook considers strong scores to be 8+.
ANP dashboard
Source: facebook.com
Cheetah Mobile, for example, used the AOS to improve a standard banner ad at the bottom of an app’s page. By replacing it with a slideshow format featuring rich images, Cheetah was able to increase conversions by 150% and eCPMs by 200%.
Facebook has been striving to focus marketers’ goals towards sales as opposed to clicks. Brian Boland, VP Advertising Technology, Facebook, says:
brian boland
“This system makes it incredibly hard to perpetrate fraud because you are looking at whether there’s value created, whether apps were installed or conversions happened. You are rewarding publishers who do that.[…] The thing about the Audience Network is you don’t actually choose the individual publishers. It’s an open network that delivers outcomes.”

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