Epom Mobile Market Review

Founded in 2010, Epom is an ad network with an international coverage, working with publishers and advertisers in over 40 different countries – their central office is based in Kiev, Ukraine. In January 2013 the company received $1.2m of private investment and in January 2014, a further $7m was obtained.
The separate mobile-focused division Epom Mobile Market, founded in March 2013, connects publishers and advertisers in one unified ad exchange platform. Some of the key features for clients include campaign optimisation tools, real-time reporting and the option of monetising unused inventory.
The CEO of Epom, Anton Ruin, outlines the company’s core value:

“Our main goal has always been the combination of maximum efficiency and the extensive simplicity of usage.”

Our review of Epom Mobile Market is divided into the following sections:

Epom Mobile Market Overview

The Epom Mobile Market offers clients a range of worldwide publishers and a large audience reach. The key business models are supported while their eCPMs and fill rate are industry leading.

  • Access to 600 publishers and inventory from 36 mobile ad networks
  • 320 million unique users across 13 billion monthly impressions
  • Models supported include CPC, CPA, CPM and CPL
  • eCPMs between $0.5 to $3.70 and 100% fill rate

Epom Clients
Epom has a group of established clients ranging from mobile and social game developers such as Wooga, online ad solution providers, for example BaronsMedia, to Pulse a monthly medical publication in the UK.
Some of Epom’s Clients
Epom has partnered with companies such as EdgeCast, a content delivery network, Smaato the RTB mobile exchange and video advertising platform BrightRoll.
Some of Epom’s Partners
Epom’s Geographic Coverage
Below is the extent of the Epom Mobile Market’s audience reach – with the largest presence in the US, followed by Europe and Asia:
Epom Audience Reach by market (%)
Source: Epom Mobile Market

What does Epom Mobile Market offer publishers?

Epom Mobile Market allows publishers to display ads on their website, blog, app or mobile site, with content from a high quality network of advertisers. The market offers category-targeted, mobile, and local ads to best target a publisher’s userbase. Epom states that its publishers are the top ranking websites, mobile websites, and applications that focus on providing their visitors with high quality content – they are often leaders in their respective categories.
Publisher Dashboard Example
Publisher Dashboard
The following are the key benefits for publishers who decide to use the ad network:

  • There are in-time payments that occur once per month
  • There is a $100 payout and clients can receive this in check or via Paypal
  • The fee for using Epom Mobile Market is as small as 20%
  • All major ad formats are supported
  • Real-time statistics are available to utilise
  • A high level of customer support is on offer

The Epom Mobile Market only accepts websites with monthly volume impressions of more than 500 000 and any adult-orientated traffic is not accepted.

What does Epom Mobile Market offer Advertisers?

Epom Mobile Market helps advertisers to reach their audience with a variety of display ad units, rich media, sponsorships and video solutions – they also engage users with social media marketing. The ad network’s solutions for advertisers provide a platform to reach high campaign metrics.
The following are the key benefits for advertisers who decide to use the ad network:

  • Clients have access to a pool of high quality publishers
  • Evaluation and categorisation of publishers
  • The option of safe ads on approved sites
  • There is maximum return on investment
  • The ability of deep targeting and advanced optimisation techniques
  • All major ad formats are supported
  • Real-time statistics are available to utilise
  • A high level of customer support is on offer

Advertisers can access the Epom ad server, a cross-platform solution that is able to optimise campaigns in real-time as well as creating rich user profiles to help them better connect with their target audience. See the video below.

Epom Mobile Market DirectAds

Advertisers can use Epom DirectAds to make selling and buying ads more transparent. Clients can raise the efficiency and profitability of their advertising campaigns – both website and mobile formats are also supported.
Epom DirectAds

Direct Ads
How it Works
Epom DirectAds is free for advertisers and they don’t need to sign-up to get going – below are the stages in the process.

  1. Clients (Advertisers) pick the websites they want to advertise on.
  2. Advertisers then configure their campaign – essentially by applying their campaign information.
  3. The publishers receive the advertiser’s order and approve it.
  4. The advertiser pays for the campaigns they ordered.
  5. The campaigns are ready to launch and the results can be checked from the advertiser dashboard.

Additionally, Epom Mobile Market works with many different types of traffic, including display and mobile, which allows advertisers to improve their ROI and increase ad income at a low cost – this also ensures maximum revenue for publishers.

What do people say about Epom?

What do the people who use Epom have to say about it? A selection of quotes from their clients is below.
Andrey Luilko, Sales Director – 4Shared

“Epom significantly optimised 4shared ad inventory which resulted into a total revenue boost of 35%. The platform is serving more than 5B of 4shared’s ad impressions monthly, including a big volume of mobile traffic. Before we had tried Epom, we experienced troubles with monetising mobile traffic and video, Epom has solved this problem effectively. Critically for us, Epom customer support is just as good as their server. If you are looking for a good ad server, I highly recommend to try Epom. I’m happy to provide further information if required.”

Rohmat Sugito, Chief Executive Officer – Ocentrum Media

“I used a variety of ad servers for managing ads, but I love Epom most of all for its simplicity, effectiveness and great support. Epom has worked fantastically for us. The system offers several unique features and functionalities that set it apart from any other solution on the market.”

Gentian Lluka, Chief Executive Officer – Telegrafi

“With full responsibility we can say that Epom is our smartest investment for online marketing toward managing advertising space. Epom enables to launch and manage the banners easily depending on the preferences of the clients. Also, Epom offers the best customer service that we have ever had.”

Jan Miczaika, Head of Operations – Wooga

“We selected Epom after a competitive bidding process with multiple vendors. We were impressed by Epom’s offering and are looking forward to a long and successful partnership.”

Raymond Fenech, Chief Executive Officer – Traffic Display House
Display Traffic House

“Epom provides us with a lot of advantages like deep targeting, excellent mobile solution, detailed analysis and campaigns management. With Epom we rapidly increased our key efficiency metrics. Epom provides clients with personal assistance, which was a great value for us. We deeply appreciate Epom’s outstanding services and cooperation. They know the market and care about our needs and requirements.”


In summary the Epom Mobile Market offers publishers and advertisers a range of features and options to ensure they generate higher revenue and achieve better audience reach. With the Epom Ad Server along with a variety of ad formats on offer, potential clients should consider the international ad network to meet their marketing needs. We hope this review has provided some useful information about the Epom Mobile Market and the services that it offers.
You can find out more info about Epom Mobile Market over on their website, on the Epom Mobile Market profile in our directory and keep up to date via the Epom blog.

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