Dating apps see longer sessions during lockdowns

As lockdowns worldwide are keeping more singles confined to their homes, dating apps have noted a resurgence in use.

According to data released by mobile data and analytics platform, App Annie, dating app Bumbel saw a rapid rise in messages and video calls between its users.

During March and April, the app also saw more data being used per session on Android. For example, in the US, data per user session rose 40% compared to the January weekly average.

Meanwhile, Hinge noted a 20% spike in weekly active users during early April compared to January in the US alone.

Last year, dating apps reported around $2.2 billion in consumer spending.

To keep things moving despite lockdowns, apps such as Hinge, Bumble and Tinder rolled out new features that make it easier to date while being socially distance.

For example, Tinder and Bumble both now let people match with those in other countries.

All apps have promoted stay-at-home messages to their users.

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