Crunchie Media Launches CrunchieAds and CrunchieAds API

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Posted: March 21, 2016

Alex Kinloch is the UK director of Crunchie Media Ltd a multi-national mobile acquisition network with offices in London, Israel and Armenia. With over 10 years online marketing experience he incorporated Crunchie Media ltd with mobile industry experts to connect technology and knowledge to enable publishers to maximise revenue from mobile apps.
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Crunchie Ads provides a Native ad solution for mobile publishers, Apps and mobile web.
Using unique advertising widgets that deliver engaging ad units with higher eCPM, our ad units can be delivered across a number of formats:
All units are  adjustable to size and can allow for editable colors and designs to match perfectly with your apps/site without effecting the user experience. With direct and 3rd party demand, running thousands of campaigns each day, for every country, platform or category. You will get close to 100% fill rate with our top campaigns.
Our machine learning algorithm will serve the relevant campaigns for your traffic and your users, creating much more engaging ads with higher eCPM. Integration process is super easy, with a simple JS code, no need for SDK integration. Each publisher will also receive a dedicated publisher manager who will manage your account and optimize to ensure the highest eCPM is delivered. To know more visit CrunchieAds section on our website.
CrunchieAds API
Introducing CrunchieAds API our bulk app campaign vault for publishers. Delivered through a simple API call, no need for SDK, that exports in Json or xml.
Publishers will receive real time feed of campaign data and app store elements to allow them to create fully custom ad units without any additional weight to website or app, giving the publishers full control of format and compatibility.
This solution provides easy and seamless integration both client and server side, whilst our algorithms will optimize ecpm campaigns in your api call based on local and cross campaign learnings. Allowing you to focus on growing revenues. To know more about this API please visit CrunchieAds API section on our website.

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