Consumers will abandon product pages if they can’t find the information they seek

Anne Freier | April 11, 2019

App Business

Consumer expectations have changed when shopping online using desktops or mobile devices. Based on the answers of 1,000 US consumers who shopped online at least once in 2018, Salsify found that customer expectations of content has increased. As such, there’s a demand for 5-8 images, 2-5 videos and on average 8-13 questions a brand should answer.

Page abandonment is a growing risk, if consumers can’t find the information they are looking for.

Indeed, almost 70% of consumers chose lack of product information as a reason to leave a page on a retailer’s website.

For 30% of respondents, product reviews from other shoppers are a good sign that a retailer understands its customers, followed by recommended items (20%), and an overview of their purchase history (15%).

Consumers under the age of 65 years tend to rely more heavily on product reviews in order to judge if a product is good or not.

However, the number of product reviews shoppers expect is an average 100. Millennials and younger users (18-24 years) expect even more reviews at 159 and 203, respectively.

Interestingly, the majority of consumers (55%) do not care if a product on Amazon is being sold by the actual manufacturer or a middle man.

78% also named Amazon as their top shopping destination. However, 42% of respondents would like to shop more in-store in the future.

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