Consumer spending in apps breaking records at $34 billion in Q2 2021

Anne Freer | June 29, 2021

App Business

Consumers spent a record-breaking $34 billion on apps in Q2 2021 according to new data by App Annie.

Total app spend was $7 billion higher than for Q2 2020 and up $2 billion on Q1 2021, painting a healthy state of the app economy.

Spending on the App Store grew 30% year-on-year to $22 billion while Google Play spending shot up 20% to $12 billion.

Despite hardware saturation, consumers continue to invest in apps and predicted slow-downs have yet to happen.

Download remained stable at 25 billion on Google Play while iOS downloads came in at 8 billion for the quarter.

What these findings highlight is that consumers are becoming more comfortable with spending money in-app.

Video streaming apps are some of the top performers with TikTok but also HBO Max attracting considerable user spending and downloads.

ByteDance recorded a 111% rise in revenues over 2019 for 2020 and HBO has seen the number of its subscribers up to 64 million.

Average weekly downloads for games remained at 1 billion for the quarter, up 15% compared to 2019. Spending was $1.7 billion, up 35% from two years ago.

What’s evident is that medical and health apps, games and business app continue to grow in terms of downloads and subscribers. Travel apps are also showing signs of recovery as markets begin to open up again. At home fitness and food and drinks app saw significant grow over the last half year.

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