CNN’s free video feed drives up app sign-on conversion rates

Andy Boxall | April 12, 2017

App Marketing

CNN app

News organization CNN has increased its daily conversion rate of users signing in by providing a set amount of free live video on its mobile app. Through the CNN app, users can watch 10 minutes of free live video content, and after the preview finishes, they’re asked to sign in using TV Everywhere information, when the stream will continue.

This has resulted in login conversion rates up to 29% each day, particularly on busy news days, or when the channel is broadcasting live streamed events.

Alex Wellen, CNN’s chief product officer, said:

“It’s about removing as many obstacles as possible that exist between us and our users. That will ultimately showcase the value proposition of being able to watch live TV across multiple devices.”

TV Everywhere is key to CNN’s strategy. The service authenticates users as subscribers of a channel, allowing them to watch content on a variety of platforms.

CNN also reveals its users watch 1.6 hours of video a day through the app on average, which is twice the amount they spend watching the CNN TV channel.

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