Cheetah Mobile announces rebranded mobile advertising business – Cheetah Ads

cheetah ads
Cheetah Mobile Inc., the mobile utility and content app developer, has just rebranded its mobile advertising business as Cheetah Ads. The company says that the rebrand combines its utility apps and mobile content under a single hood with a focus on launching vertical video ads to match mobile moments.
The ad platform currently reaches over 600 million users from over 200 countries and regions across Cheetah Mobile’s inventory, including News Republic,, Clean Master, and CM Security, and partner apps, such as It is now one of the top app developers with over 612 million monthly active users globally.
Scarlett Xiao, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Business Development at Cheetah Mobile, explains that the technology can potentially “transform ads into useful and desirable experiences to the delight of both users and brand advertisers.”
Reaching users at the right moment is key. Cheetah Ads says it now boasts a wide variety of formats such as full-screen vertical video ads to suit any moment such as pre-social moments like AppLock, during which brands can reach audiences before they tap into their social apps. But it also reaches users during social activities on apps such as and and Cheetah Ads can enhance personalized content moments in New Republic as well as other apps.
Arther Wu, Senior Director of Monetisation and Business Operations at Cheetah Mobile, adds:

“Cheetah Mobile’s success with utility apps has provided the breakthrough needed to expand into the content and AI realms and take our business to the next level with attractive vertical video through Cheetah Ads.”

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