Chartboost launches Exchange for programmatic mobile in-app bidding

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. September 27, 2017

Mobile games audience platform Chartboost has just launched the Chartboost Exchange which boost programmatic access to its in-app gaming inventory. Advertisers are now able to reach gaming audiences via tech partners Aarki, Index Exchange and Rubicon Project.
With over 2.6 billion monthly active users, the growth of gaming continues to dominate engagement across the mobile space worldwide. In the US, 69% of mobile phone users are now playing games at least once a month. Overall, mobile ad spend accounted for more than half of digital ad revenue in 2016.

“Making the leap from a mobile ad network to a full-fledged programmatic exchange is a huge step in supporting the growth of demand for our mobile developer community,” said Maria Alegre, CEO and Co-founder of Chartboost. “The industry is seeing the power of programmatic buying on mobile and we aim to lead the charge in connecting marketers to in-app inventory at scale. With a commitment to transparency, we continue with our mission to empower mobile developers to build a successful business.”

The Chartboost Exchange currently reaches more than 300,000 mobile games globally with 900 million active players who engage in more than 40 billion monthly game sessions that are boosted via ad units such as video and interactive ads.
Nicol Cseko, Director of Product at mobile advertising network Aarki, explains that the integration expands the company’s programmatic reach to “a 100% games audience and deliver[s] programmatic media at scale.”
Transparency is a key issue for Chartboost and the company has been focusing on improving its data accessibility, brand safety and control of the user experience with ad creatives supported by direct SDK-driven access to all publishers across the exchange. Via native in-app and advertising formats such interstitial, vertical video, and interactive ads, creatives can be optimized for 98% viewability.
Joe Prusz, Head of Revenue, Rubicon Project, adds:

“We are very excited to open up Chartboost’s in app global gaming inventory to buyers on our exchange looking to reach the highly coveted and captive mobile gaming audience in a programmatic fashion. Today’s announcement represents yet another step forward in Rubicon Project’s commitment to provide our clients access to the most engaging and innovative formats where consumers are spending their time.”

The Chartboost Exchange launched in beta last month with DSP partners CrossChannel, CrossInstall, Jampp and PocketMath. It is now focusing on expanding its partnerships to focus on additional features and adding scale and transparency for advertisers.