BuzzCity’s new cluster feature helps mobile advertisers target specific user groups

Mobile advertising network BuzzCity has introduced a new feature called Attribute Clusters, which should help advertisers target more specific groups of users in particular markets. Why would you want such a feature? BuzzCity says that in many markets around the world, it’s men who’re more likely to shop online than women – so wouldn’t it be great to target only males with a relevant campaign?
At launch, Attribute Clusters will feed into this, and the first two clusters will be for males and young adults. It’ll separate them by using the data on gender, age, location, and occupation it gathers from its publishers. Then, ads can be targeted towards those new groups, or Clusters, where at the minimum, 65% of the members share the key attribute.
Dr KF Lai, CEO and founder of BuzzCity, said:

“Targeting is really about optimizing your spends, but there is no point optimizing a campaign until you lose reach. We’ve taken an approach that segments the relevant global audiences without losing scale.”

BuzzCity is also looking at using its Attribute Clusters to target users in emerging markets, including Africa and Asia, where it says advertising marketing will grow by 10.7% over the next three years. BuzzCity is most successful in India and Indonesia, where it served more than 12 billion ads in February 2015. Over the next months, BuzzCity will add more clusters for even greater mobile ad targeting.
You can learn more about BuzzCity by visiting its company profile here.

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