Built.io rolls-out new dedicated MBaaS solution for enterprises


Mobile Backend-as-a-Service provider built.io has launched a new enterprise-focused MBaaS solution called dedicated built.io.

The new product offers everything you’d expect from a MBaaS platform, such analytics, reporting, native development, integration with 3rd party APIs and much more. But in order to appease enterprise users, who need to comply with certain regulations or internal IT policies, dedicated built.io allows you to deploy apps in a private cloud environment via VMware’s vCHS offering.

Built.io co-founder Neha Sampat said:


“Dedicated built.io offers customers an enterprise mobile application development platform via IT-approved cloud infrastructure and spans public, private and hybrid cloud architectures. Business units can quickly deliver web and mobile applications for their employees, customers and partners while conforming to their organization’s IT policies.”

MBaaS platforms are incredibly useful for companies that need to scale-up their mobile efforts, but for those working in sensitive areas, such as pharmaceutical and finance sectors, government regulations prohibit them from storing data in the public cloud. So offering a dedicated private MBaaS solution is a smart move. In fact, built.io rival Kinvey launched a similar service just a few months back.


Built.io’s decision to follow suit is more evidence that skewing toward enterprise users is the way forward for MBaaS providers, given that many app developers either already have their own in-house solutions and perhaps don’t have the funding available to really make it a profitable area to focus on.

For more information about built.io’s dedicated MBaaS platform head over to the website.

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