Avazu Mobile DSP Cost Per Click Campaign Released with A Special Promotion

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Partner Post - Avazu - Sign up before September 30 for $50 dollars FREE credit

Posted: September 8, 2015

There’s some good news coming! The Avazu Mobile DSP is launching the CPC bid type alongside the CPM bidding options. To celebrate the good news, Avazu is offering the first 100 clients to sign up before September 30, 2015 $50 dollars in FREE credit, and current clients who top up to $5,000 will get $500 deposit funding.
How does it work?

  • Dates for registering are September 1st 2015 – September 30th 2015
  • All current and first 100 new-registered users on Avazu Mobile DSP
  • Contact your AM to top up your credit or send an email to mdsp-support@avazu.net to validate your transaction. The details are explained again in short below:

Why CPC?
Compared to a CPM bid type, CPC campaigns provide advertisers and networks with more information about the users, and due to their nature are less risky in planning a new media buy campaign. In addition, CPC increases quality of traffic, as the audience targeting and optimization process are done in a much more effective way.
What else is new? Native Ads formats are now available!
Native ads are by far the most effective way to connect users to new apps or any premium content on mobile device nowadays. Avazu launched a new feature that allows advertisers to buy easily native ads inventory by simply choosing this as a banner format. Several exchanges are integrated already such as: Mopub, Pubnative, Smaato and Mobfox. All offer native ads formats purchases via our DSP. Few examples of the native ads forms of are banner app wall, button app wall, desktop button, browser footer ad, app-installed ad, and more.
Ask your AM for more information or simply find it directly on our DSP and explore the native ad world! *Avazu Mobile DSP shall reserve the right of final decision on the interpretation of this campaign. Regarding any questions please contact us via email at mdsp-support@avazu.net.
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