Avazu mDSP’s April Promotion: Seize the New Opportunity of Pop!

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Posted: March 30, 2017

Mobile Pop (Pop up/under): an easy-to-use traffic type, has been favored by more and more clients ever since it was introduced to our mDSP platform. To meet the increasing demand for Pop traffic, we’ve on-boarded more than 10 top Pop inventories and will launch a Pop promotion in April – the best time in spring. Come and join this new trend to boost your profit with Avazu mDSP Pop!
Date: April 1, 2017- April 30, 2017
Content: Rebate promotion is available for all inventories worldwide on Pop Campaign on our platform.
Traffic Channels: Admaven, Ezmob, Adventurefeeds, Xapads, Airpush, ExoClick, Popads, Adcash, Propellerads, Loopme, A4G, etc.
For example, if the client has spent $20,000 on Pops at Avazu mDSP in April, then the rebate he/she will get is calculated as: ($20,000 – $15,000) * 2.5% + ($15,000-$8,000) * 1.5% = $230.
To note: The rebate bonus will be based on accumulated spending during the promotion period. Avazu mDSP reserves the right of a final interpretation of the event. Learn more by sending an email to mdsp-support@avazu.net, or directly contact your AM.