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Partner Post - Attriboost Mobile ad tracking for the masses

Posted: May 23, 2017

Attriboost, the mobile app tracking company, launched their self-serve product at the end of 2016 and have been steadily gaining users since. Their tracking and attribution platform is designed to be easy to use while delivering the core features that mobile app marketers expect from a tracking provider. If you’re in one of the following groups, Attriboost will be a good fit:

You’re a performance app marketer who isn’t currently tracking your app: In that case, there’s no time like the present to start! With Attriboost, you can start tracking your organic installs and usage with little time investment and at no cost.

You’re growing your app on a limited budget: Don’t have a huge war chest to spend on user acquisition? That’s no problem because Attriboost delivers core tracking, attribution, and analytics features to you for no cost. Spend the money that you save on getting more users instead!

You’re re-examining your user acquisition spend: So you might have a large budget but aren’t getting the right value from your current marketing stack. In that case – there’s no risk to seeing how Attriboost measures up against how you’re currently tracking. You can start, stop, and export your data at any time with no restrictions.

Vesa Tormanen, Attriboost CEO, says:
We’re happy to offer our service to everyone, but at this early stage we think we offer the most value to these three groups of users.

Attriboost supports a number of the leading mobile ad networks, including Google AdWords, ironSource, and AdColony, and is continuously adding more. The following core features are currently offered at no cost with additional premium paid features are in development:

  • Support for native iOS and Android apps through SDK or server-to-server integrations
  • App event tracking and attribution technology that’s been proven to operate at scale
  • Easy to setup campaign and click URL management
  • Detailed reporting, including LTV reporting and cohort analysis

The best kind of reviews are those from a user-perspective. So, one of Attriboost clients shared his experience to give you all a more relevant and balanced review.

Stephen Yarm, mobile app developer, talks about Attriboost

I recently heard about Attriboost, a mobile adtech company that spun out of Fiksu which was well known for app user acquisition. As someone who needs to promote iOS and Android apps on a tight budget, I was interested in their product which offers a no-cost tracking and attribution platform. Signing up at was easy enough and after confirming my email, accepting the terms of use, and selecting a password I was seeing their dashboard.
Attriboost dashboard: welcome screen

Even though I hadn’t added my app yet, I was able to browse through the different parts of the product and see demo data that gave me a sense of how it would look later. In addition to a standard reporting page which shows app performance data (both graphical and tabular forms), there’s an interesting audience insights tool. This tool shows how an app’s user base compares against Attriboost’s aggregate dataset along a number of user interests.
Once I had taken a look around and was ready to add my app, it was a quick and smooth process. After entering some info about my iOS app, I was directed to integrate their SDK or setup a server-to-server integration for the events that I care about. Integrating a SDK can be an involved process, but the Attriboost documentation seems thorough and they have an automated testing process to check whether my app events are sent and processed properly.
While preparing to integrate the SDK, I also took a look at the campaigns page where new networks are setup. This page looks easy to use as well and I’ll be able to easily retrieve my click URLs for use with the supported networks. Once my campaigns are setup and click URLs in place, all I need to do is wait for the events to start coming in and then view the reporting on the Attriboost performance page.
Attriboost dashboard: Performance screen

Given my first look at Attriboost’s platform, I think it’s well suited for app marketers looking for a straightforward interface that offers core tracking and attribution features at no cost. On their website, Attriboost says that it will be introducing paid premium features in the future and I look forward to seeing how their platform shapes up over time.
In summary, the Attriboost platform is highly recommended for mobile app marketers looking for a powerful and easy to use product for tracking their acquisition efforts and understanding user behavior.