AppsFlyer collaborates with Facebook Audience Network on measurement tools for app developers

AppsFlyer, the mobile analytics and measurement firm, announced a partnership with Facebook Audience Network to launch campaign-level IAA ROAS measurement tools for app marketers.

The feature will enable app developers to optimise their user acquisition strategies and improve ROAS by gaining a deeper insight into revenue generated from Facebook Audience Network user cohorts.

In the long-term, this could ensure that developers gain a better understanding of app engagement and revenues.

“Our new campaign-level measurement solution fulfills a critical gap in the market by helping marketers on our platform truly understand if their return on ad spend is both accurate and profitable,” said Mat Harris, Director of Product Management, Facebook Audience Network.

“With measurement being the precursor to optimization, together with AppsFlyer, we’ve taken the initiative to create a product that helps game marketers and publishers understand the effectiveness of ad campaigns they run on the Audience Network platform. We’re committed to helping game developers build sustainable businesses and this represents another opportunity to provide them with accurate, granular insight and the right tool to grow and improve their business.”

Previously, monetisation revenues from user acquisition campaigns were calculated based on averages, which means that marketers made decisions based on incomplete data.

Given the rapid growth of the mobile gaming market, transparency is important to ensure that in-app revenue is utilised to ensure campaign success.

“We are excited to roll out this collaboration with Facebook Audience Network to bring additional value to our mutual customers,” said Elad Mashiach, Chief Partner Officer, AppsFlyer.

“This partnership is providing a significant foundation for marketers, and specifically gaming marketers, to perform precise optimization. These marketers can now leverage their trusted attribution data to acquire the highest quality users and drive greater long-term revenue from each dollar spent.”

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