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Partner Post - Appnext - Monetization platform for native app discovery

Posted: June 11, 2015

Jonathan Raveh is the Director of Partnerships and Community at Appnext. He is the founder of mobile business blog Mobilize and previously served as the Media Sales Director for mobile marketing company Celltick.
A few months ago we introduced the Direct-Buy campaigns to enable app advertisers to buy directly from the top performing partners. Bringing this new solution to the Appnext Platform, we were fascinated to see the performance boost it has given to hundreds of app campaigns. Inspired by the success of the Direct-Buy campaigns and great results they bring to both publishers and advertisers, we decided to take this concept to the next level.
Today Appnext embarks upon a new, important journey as we are proud to announce that the long-awaited Appnext Market is officially launched.
The Appnext Market is an open marketplace where app advertisers can discover premium mobile publishers, and start buying directly from them straight from their market profiles.   The publishers can be featured on the Market to attract more Appnext advertisers to bid directly for their sources. In fact, the Market directory can serve as publishers’ personal direct sales office. They can simply send their Market link to the advertisers they are in direct relationship with, and enable them to bid for the publishers’ inventory via the Appnext Platform.
At launch the Appnext Market has 44 featured partners on board. If you want to become a featured partner, please contact us. We will review each application thoroughly, making sure it meets the Market requirements.
For more information check out the Appnext website here.

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